Complete your Skip A Pay request in Founders Online by the last day of the month to skip your next month’s payment.

Our Skip Payment program is available only to loans advanced (add-ons) or loans originated at least six (6) months prior to your Skip A Pay request.

  • What happens to my skipped payment?

    If you are approved for your Skip A Pay, the additional payment is added to the end of your loan for a $25 fee, which is also added to the loan amount.

  • Which loans can be skipped?

    • Personal Loans
    • Auto/Vehicle Loans
    • Other Personal Property Loans
    • Share Certificate
    • Secured Loans
    • Watercraft Loans
  • Which loans are not eligible for Skip A Pay?

    • Real Estate Loans
    • Founders Credit Cards
    • Lines of Credit
    • Education Loans
  • How do I apply to skip my next payment?

    Log in to Founders Online and navigate to the right side menu column. If you qualify to skip one of your loan payments you will see a Skip A Pay eligibility message. Follow the step by step instructions to complete your Skip A Pay request.