Complete your Skip A Pay request in Founders Online by the last day of the month to skip your next month’s payment.

Our Skip Payment program is available only to loans advanced (add-ons) or loans originated at least six (6) months prior to your Skip A Pay request.

  • What happens to my skipped payment?

    If you are approved for your Skip A Pay, the additional payment is added to the end of your loan for a $25 fee, which is also added to the loan amount.

  • Which loans can be skipped?

    • Personal Loans
    • Auto/Recreational Vehicle Loans
    • Savings/Certificate Loans
    • Other Secured Loans
  • Which loans are not eligible for Skip A Pay?

    • Real Estate Loans
    • Express loans
    • Indirect loans
    • ArrowPointe FCU loans with GAP
    • Credit Cards
    • Lines of Credit
    • Education Loans
    • Accounts included in bankruptcy or foreclosure
    • Single, annual, semi-annual, or quarterly payment loans.
    • Loans with extensions or alternate payments in the past (6) months,
    • Loans with added collateral protection insurance
    • Members who have caused losses to the credit union (loans, credit cards, savings, etc.)
    • Members who have negative savings account(s)
    • Members who have delinquent loan(s) in the past six (6) months
    • Or loans modified through troubled debt restructuring
  • How do I apply to skip my next payment?

    Log in to Founders Online and navigate to the Skip A Pay menu option. If you qualify to skip one of your loan payments the Skip A Pay request form will load when you select the menu option. If you don't currently have a loan eligible for Skip A Pay you will receive a Skip A Pay not eligible message. If you don't have an eligible Skip A Pay it could be because the offer is limited to two (2) skips per calendar year with a minimum of three (3) months of payments between skip payment requests.

    Once the form displays, follow the step by step instructions to complete your Skip A Pay request. Be sure to make the current month's payment so your Skip A Pay will process.