Impacts to Products and Services 

Product or Service Impact on You Steps You Can Take to Prepare
Account Numbers Our goal is for account numbers to remain the same. There will be some with identical numbers that will have to be changed Founders will mail a letter to those individuals if their account number is changing in advance of the merger.
Account Number Suffix 08 Checking suffixes will be changed to match the Founders standard of 70, 71 etc. No steps needed.
ATMs Members of both credit unions can use Founders or ArrowPointe ATMs surcharge free. For a full list of ATM locations you can search here
Locations Starting Monday, January 24, 2022, all members can use both Founders and former ArrowPointe offices. For a full list of office locations you can search here
New Debit Cards ArrowPointe members with an open/active debit or ATM card will receive a replacement Founders card in the mail early January. That new card can be activated on January 24, 2022. Your ArrowPointe card will no longer work on January 24, 2022. We recommend having cash available to make purchases from January 22 - January 24 as a back-up plan.
Debit Card PIN When you activate your new card you can set a new PIN at that point. To set the new PIN you can call the number on the sticker that is on the new card or you may also go into any branch to set your PIN.
Credit Cards ArrowPointe members will keep their current credit cards for several months after the merger. Replacement credit cards will be sent out in the fall of 2022. No steps needed until later in the fall of 2022.
uChoose credit card points The ArrowPointe Board and Management made the decision to end the rewards benefit on ArrowPointe credit cards effective December 31, 2021. Make sure to use your points by December 31, 2021 or you will risk losing them.
IRA/Certificate's All Certificates and IRAs moving over to Founders will receive dividends quarterly. Some terms may change at renewal. Dividends at Founders cannot be paid by check. All dividends can be posted into an account specified by the member or can be added to the principal.
Online Banking Members of both credit unions will see their ArrowPointe accounts after the merger. Founders Online will be available Sunday, January 23, 2022. For ArrowPointe members who aren't already Founders members, you will need to register as a new user.
Phone Banking Founders offers a phone banking option. You can learn more about it at ArrowPointe members will need to enroll the first time. The phone number is 1-800-762-8758.
Loan Rates Founders will mail a loan rate document to ArrowPointe members. Current loan rates for Founders can also be found at
Statements ArrowPointe members will receive two statements for the month of January. One on Friday, January 21, 2022. The second will be for January 22 - January 31, 2022. Starting in February and going forward, the normal end-of-month or end-of-quarter statement cycle will begin.
eStatements ArrowPointe members will not be able to access their eStatements after the merger. We recommend all ArrowPointe members print/retain copies of their December 31, 2021 statement for tax purposes. If you need statements from rest of 2021, we recommend printing/retaining copies of the prior months before the merger.
Bill Pay ArrowPointe's Bill Pay will be unavailable beginning January 14, 2022. Click here for instructions on the actions you need to take within your ArrowPointe Bill Pay account today so that you have all the information needed to set up your billers after the merger.
Discontinued ArrowPointe Deposit Products 3-month CD, 18-month CD, Bonus Club  
Discontinued ArrowPointe Loan Products Camper truck loans, garden tractor, combined collateral, furniture & appliance, UCC, firearm & Christmas loan types. RV loans beyond 120 months. Indirect loans. HELOCs with an intro rate. Construction loans. ARM loans. Secondary market sales.  
Personal Checks Members will still be able to use their ArrowPointe checks for at least a couple of months. You will be offered one free box of checks from January 24, 2022 through April 29, 2022. Visit one of our branches or give us a call at 1-800-845-1614 to order.

Keeping You Updated

We will update our website and social media channels throughout this merger to keep you as up to date and informed as possible.. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay most informed.