That’s why it’s important we make you aware of the latest fraudulent trends we are seeing.

Did you know criminals can actually spoof or imitate the actual phone numbers of reputable businesses and financial institutions? So, a phone number could actually appear like it was coming from Founders Federal Credit Union or somewhere else you do business when it really is not.

Please remember – even if a call appears to come from Founders Federal Credit Union – or any other financial institutions – NEVER share your personal information over the phone. Founders will NEVER contact you and ask for your personal information, account numbers, card numbers, or Founders Online usernames or passwords. Founders will not ask for that information because we already have your information.

If you have a question about a phone call you have received and are suspicious it may not be a legitimate call from Founders Federal Credit Union, please contact us at 1-800-845-1614, email us at or stop by a Founders office and notify us. A Founders representative will help you review your experience and offer guidance on next steps you should take should you have compromised your account. It is important to do this immediately because if you give out your personal information, you could be liable for potential loss.

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