Electronic Signature Agreement
If you contract with Founders Federal Credit Union (hereinafter known as “we,” “us,” “our,” and “the Credit Union”) electronically or otherwise request documentation or disclosures electronically, you consent and agree that we may provide all disclosures, agreements, contracts, periodic statement, receipts, notices, modifications, amendments, and all other evidence of our transactions with you or on your behalf electronically (collectively referred to as "electronic record(s)"). Your consent applies to all electronic records provided now and in the future.

Any electronic record will be provided to you electronically though email with the text of the documents embedded in the text of the email message or as an attachment contained within the email, or by posting such documents on our website or online banking service and notifying you that the documents have been so posted. You have a right to request and receive a paper copy of any electronic record if that right is provided under applicable law. Call us at 800-845-1614, write to us at 737 Plantation Road, Lancaster, SC 29720, or visit your local Founders FCU branch if you would like to receive a paper copy of any electronic record. Paper copies are subject to the fees listed on the Rates and Fees Schedule. You agree to notify us of any email address change or name change in writing by mailing a letter to us or through Founders Online. You may also withdraw your consent and revoke your agreement to receive electronic records by contacting us using the methods described above. Withdrawal of your consent will terminate your enrollment in all Founders electronic services including Founders Online, Founders Mobile Banking, secure forms, Founders Bill Pay, Founders Credit Cards Online Services, eStatements and Call 24. Withdrawal of your consent will not affect the legal validity and enforceability of previously provided electronic records. You may request withdrawal from the eStatement portion of Founders Online only. This request will allow you to access all applicable online services except the electronic statements portion and you will receive a paper statement mailed to you periodically.

Hardware and Software Requirements
To use Founders Online services, you must use a personal computer or other device with the capacity to interface by modem or other device to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) using current high security encryption methods. Once a live connection to the Internet is established you may access Founders Online services from our website at foundersfcu.com or using the Founders FCU app.

These are the present minimum requirements that are required to access and use the system, which may change without notice. We make no warranty or representation regarding the access speed that you will have now or in the future, as such is beyond the control of the Credit Union (depending largely on your computer system and internet speed). Also, these minimum requirements are likely to change as technology, software, and other matters continue to evolve.

Your Ability to Access Disclosures
By completing and submitting your request, you acknowledge that you can access the electronic records in the methods described above.

4345-2021-01 Electronic Signature Agreement