How do I use the Apple Watch feature in Founders Online?
In order to utilize the Apple Watch portion of Founders Online, you must first enable the feature by logging in and selecting Settings in the left column, then Apple Watch.

What versions of Apple Watch are supported?
All Series of Apple Watches are supported. The Minimum Apple Watch OS version is 3.0.

Why do I have to go to Founders Online to set up my Apple Watch?
The functionality is only supported through a mobile device. But, this is a one time on/off toggle switch and then you can be off and running with this cool new feature!

Why am I not seeing all my accounts on my watch?
The Apple Watch is limited to the first 10 accounts. If an account you need to see is not displayed, please log in via your desktop or Mobile App to reorder your accounts. Please note: If you reorder your accounts via the app or online, please logout and then completely close out of the app. When you go back to the watch, if the order doesn’t reflect the changes you just made, please press down on the watch when one of the accounts is displayed, to force an option to “refresh accounts.” Once the refresh is done, the account sort should display correctly.

Why isn’t the Founders icon showing on my watch after I turned the features on through Founders Mobile?
This has two possible causes. First, if your Apple Watch isn’t set to “auto install,” you will need to manually install the FFCU download within your Apple Watch App. Second, you may need to update to the latest Apple Watch software on your watch.

Can I make a transfer on my Apple Watch?
No, the Apple Watch feature is only intended to give you quick balance and posted transaction information. You may always leverage Founders Mobile to conveniently transfer funds between your accounts.

Can I use this Apple Watch feature to connect my Garmin or Fitbit?
Not at this time. This feature only supports Apple Watch.

My account balance(s) aren’t updating on my Apple Watch. What can I do to fix this issue?
If your Apple Watch has cellular service, your Apple Watch may not update/sync with the Founders Mobile App due to this service. You may hold your finger down on the face of the Apple Watch, and then select ‘Refresh Apps’ when prompted. This should resolve the issue, as long as your phone is within range to sync up with the Founders Mobile App.

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