Get Started!

To get started, download the latest versions of these wearable payment apps on your smartphone or tablet. If your Founders Credit or Debit Card is already linked to your wearable payment account, you can simply add it to the app by confirming a few details. Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay are available on specific watch models.

Fitbit Pay Setup Instructions

Setup Instructions:

  1. Open the Fitbit app on your phone and navigate to your Ionic settings.
  2. Tap Fitbit Wallet and follow the instructions to add your card.
  3. If you haven’t created a PIN code for your watch, you will be asked to set one.
  4. Enter your card details and billing information.
  5. Your card details will be sent securely to Founders for verification.
  6. You’ll be prompted to accept the Founders terms of service. (You may also be asked to complete further identity verification by Founders.)
  7. Once you’re done, Fitbit Pay will sync the activated card to your Ionic watch via Bluetooth.
  8. Follow the tutorial on your watch to learn how to use Fitbit Pay at checkout.

*Fitbit Pay is only available on Fitbit Ionic or Fitbit Versa special editions. For more information about the Fitbit Pay Privacy Policy, Security Overview and Terms of Service, click here.

Use Fitbit Pay for Purchases

To pay with Ionic*:

  1. When you’re ready to pay, press and hold the left button on your watch for 2 seconds.
  2. If prompted, enter your 4-digit watch PIN code.
  3. After your card appears on the screen, hold your wrist near the payment terminal. When the payment is successful, your watch will vibrate and you’ll see a confirmation on the screen.

*Not all merchants accept Fitbit Pay.

Fitbit Pay Transaction History

Transaction History:

  1. To view your most recent Fitbit transactions, open your app and tap on the account icon.
  2. Tap your watch title.
  3. Tap your wallet title.
  4. Locate the card stored on your watch and scroll down to view your three most recent transactions. Note: View your Founders account statements to review all Fitbit transactions.

Garmin Pay - Quick and Easy Setup Instructions

Setup Instructions:

  1. Open the Garmin Connect Mobile App and go to Garmin Devices.
  2. Select your device and tap Garmin Pay.
  3. Tap “Create Your Wallet” which will prompt you to create a 4-digit passcode to keep the digital wallet on your watch secure.
  4. Once you’ve created your wallet, add your card(s). You may be required to verify your identity. To add more than one card, go to Manage Your Wallet.

*Garmin Pay is available only on specific Garmin watch editions: Vivoactive 3 & 3 Music; Fenix 5 Plus, 5S Plus, & 5X Plus; Forerunner 645 & 645 Music.

How to Use Garmin Pay in Stores

How to Use:

  1. To make a payment, you can quickly access the wallet on your device by pressing and holding the action button to bring up the controls menu. Then, tap the wallet icon.
  2. Enter your passcode, select the right credit card from your virtual wallet.
  3. Hold your wrist near the card reader — that’s it. No need to fumble for your phone, cards or cash.

Fitbit® is a registered trademark of Fitbit, Inc.
Garmin® is a registered trademark of Garmin Ltd.