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Beat your current Auto Loan Rate by 1.00%7 and NO monthly payments for 90 days!8

  • Rates as low as 4.49% APR.
  • Variety of financing options for vehicles, motorcycles, campers, boats, recreational vehicles and more.
  • Quick turnaround from application to funding, giving you more time to enjoy your new purchase.
  • Our relationships with various dealerships are superb – giving you the edge of confidence you need to feel relaxed through the car-buying process. 
  • Get a preapproved spending limit, valid for 30 days, by applying for your Auto Loan early so you know what to look for before you start shopping.
  • Let a Founders Loan Officer be your trusted advisor to make sure your purchase makes sense for you and your finances.

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The Super Loyalty Bonus Dividend was paid on February 13, 2023 and was based on your dividends earned and interest paid for 2022. The minimum payout for the bonus was $10.00 per account. This bonus will be included in your 1099-INT. Interest paid on credit cards was excluded. The bonus was distributed to members in good standing. Members were excluded if they have caused Founders a loss, have a negative savings account, had their account services closed or limited by the Credit Union, or have delinquent loan(s). The bonus was not paid to estate accounts, closed accounts, deceased member accounts, and non-dividend earning accounts. The bonus was deposited into your Loyalty Select account. If you do not have a Loyalty Select, one was created for you and the account ownership will mirror your regular savings account. For business and organizational accounts, a Loyalty Select account was not created for you and the bonus was deposited into your regular savings account. See here for full terms and conditions. 
7 Boats, motorcycles, campers, RVs and other recreational vehicles with titles are eligible collateral subject to Founders Federal Credit Union’s (FFCU) standard acceptable collateral guidelines. Interest rate reduction limited to a floor rate of 4.50% for new or used vehicle loans. Other acceptable collateral is limited to a floor rate of 7.00%. Collateral must be currently financed in the member/borrower’s name with a financial institution other than FFCU. A current periodic statement or executed contract reflecting the existing loan in the borrower’s name with the current interest rate from the financial institution must be provided. Current vehicle registration required. Payment on existing loan must be current to qualify for interest rate reduction. Member must be in good standing with Founders to qualify, including no outstanding troubled debt restructured loans, bankruptcies, unresolved returned checks, or unresolved title issues. Members thirty days or greater past due on any Founders loan are not eligible for the interest rate reduction. All financing subject to FFCU’s standard underwriting guidelines and credit evaluation. These terms are subject to change at the discretion of the Credit Union at any time without further notice.
8 Interest will accrue daily upon origination.