Secure Access Codes

Relax. It's even more secure!

In Founders Online, you may occassionally be required to receive and enter a Secure Access Code (SAC) in order to log in or complete certain types of transactions. By receiving and entering this code within Founders Online, you can be certain your finances are even more safe and secure.

How the Secure Access Code works

The first time you log in to the new Founders Online you will be prompted to select your SAC delivery method. These methods are predetermined based on the contact information we have for you. Select the delivery method you wish to receive your SAC for your initial login and confirm you have the means to access that code in a timely manner. Once you receive your SAC enter it in the field and click Submit in order to access Founders Online. The Secure Access Code is another layer of security so we can confirm your account is being accessed by you.

Managing your Secure Access Codes

Changing and editing your SAC delivery channels is easy! Within Founders Online, click Settings in the left column, then Security Preferences in the drop down selection. You may select or de-select the ways you wish you receive your Secure Access Code. Please note, if you update your SAC delivery channel you will not update your Account Contact Information. You must update your Account Contact Information by clicking on Services and then Contact Info.

To change what you receive Secure Access Codes for, go to Services, then Alerts. By adding or editing a new alert, you can designate the times you wish to receive Secure Access Codes in order to complete a transaction in Founders Online. You can change your settings so Secure Access Codes are required for many of the actions you can complete within Founders Online.