About our Loyalty Bonus

  • Your Loyalty Bonus is dependent on various factors including dividends you’ve earned throughout the year, and interest charges you’ve paid
  • The more Founders products and services you use throughout the year, the more you could build your Loyalty Bonus
  • Moving the loans and accounts you have elsewhere to Founders could increase your payout
  • If you’re not already a Founders member, input the information from your current financial institution into our calculator to see what your Loyalty Bonus could be
  • Loyalty Bonuses will be posted into qualifying members’ Loyalty Select accounts on December 1, 2019

What is Loyalty Select?

Loyalty Select is our highest yield savings account - earning 5.38% APY1. If you qualified for a 2018 Loyalty Bonus, you automatically received a Loyalty Select on Saturday, December 1 and your Loyalty Bonus posted to your new account. Plus, you automatically began earning 5.38% APY on your deposits in your Loyalty Select. Click here to learn more about Loyalty Select


Loyalty Bonus Calculator

Calculate your 2019 Loyalty Bonus by inputting information from your Founders account statements and Founders Credit Card statements. Not a Founders member? Input your dividends earned and interest paid at other financial institutions to estimate what your Loyalty Bonus could be.

Results are an estimate, assuming the calculator is properly used and the account information is correctly entered.
Minimum payout is $25.00.

1 Loyalty Bonus based on various factors including dividends earned and finance charges paid. Loyalty Bonuses will be distributed to members in good standing and may not be distributed to accounts which are non-interest bearing, have unpaid mortgage late fees, caused Founders a loss, have been modified through troubled debt restructuring or dormant accounts. A member in good standing must have an open account, at least $5.00 in a Founders Savings Account and have no charge-offs or delinquency.