Immediate Alerts
When suspicious activity has been detected on your account, our automated system will contact you by text and/or phone.

2-Way Communication
You can take action the second you receive your alert – by texting the provided command word, or interacting with the automated system on the phone.

Real-Time Support
Our live agents are ready to assist you at any time to ensure you receive the best defense exactly when you need it.

If a suspicious charge is discovered on your account and you receive a text message or digital voice call, be sure to respond to avoid card disruption and inconvenience. As a reminder, Founders will never ask you to provide unsolicited personal information by phone, text or email. These alerts will simply ask you to confirm the validity of the charges in question on your account.

To ensure you are able to receive these new alerts, log in to Founders Online today and confirm your contact information is accurate. Simply select Services in the left menu then Contact Info. If you have access to multiple accounts, be sure you confirm your information is correct on all accounts.

If you have any questions regarding these new alerts, please call 1-800-845-1614 and a Founders representative will be glad to assist you.