Fraud techniques become more sophisticated even with extreme security measures in place. Founders has multiple layers on security to help prevent fraudulent activity on your account. However, some scamming techniques include involving you – our members – in an attempt to gain access to your account and your money.

Recent trends in the financial industry show fraudsters initiating communication with end users through text messages, spoofing a transaction alert from their financial institution. The message asks for a response and the end user receives a phone call from the scammer requesting personal information. This includes online banking usernames, passwords and the Secure Access Code needed to access accounts. In this situation what actually has happened, is the end user willingly – but unknowingly - gives a scammer all the credentials they need to gain complete access to all their accounts - and money.

What makes this technique even scarier, is the number appears to be from a credible number. And the scammer on the phone may even imitate accents to appear as though they are a true representative from their financial institution.

If you receive a call from Founders requesting personal information:

Hang up immediately and call 1-800-845-1614. Founders will NEVER call you and ask for your personal information including:

  • Your Founders Online Username and/or password
  • The Secure Access Code you receive to access Founders Online
  • The PIN for your Founders Debit or ATM Card
  • The CVV code on the back of your Founders Debit or Credit Card

When you call us we will ask you to verify some of your personal information so we can confirm your identity, however, we will NEVER solicit this information from you in a phone call. If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account, contact us immediately.

Stay alert, stay aware, and relax ... rethink before you reply.