Founders Online FAQ

Founders Online Frequently Asked Questions

Alert Notifications

  • For security reasons, you will be alerted when certain activities occur under your username.
  • If you receive an alert for something you didn't initiate, call 1-800-845-1614 immediately to report possible fraud.
  • You may edit your alert preferences by logging into Founders Online and selecting Services, then Alerts.

My Accounts in Founders Online

  • If you have more than one primary account or are joint on additional accounts, you can now see all accounts with one username.
  • You may manage the accounts you view under Settings then Rename/Hide Accounts.
  • If you previously shared login information with someone not associated with your account, we recommend changing your password as we never suggest sharing usernames and passwords with anyone.

Secure Access Codes

  • Our Secure Access Code feature provides an extra layer of security to prevent misuse of your Founders Online account.
  • If you are requesting Secure Access Codes but not receiving them, it is possible you have opted out of SMS with your cellular provider. You may text START to 864-34 to restart receipt of SMS messages.
  • To change your Secure Access Code delivery method, log in to Founders Online, select Settings, Security Preferences, then Secure Access Code Delivery.
  • If you are accessing Founders Online on a device which clears cookies regularly or blocks cookies, you may be prompted to re-register the device even after you have selected to Register the Device at login.
  • You may be prompted for a Secure Access Code under multiple circumstances including first time login, logging in from a new device/browser, changing key information about yourself or your preferences, initiating a large dollar amount transaction, or more.

Transaction Status

  • Authorized - the activity is ready but it hasn't actually taken place yet.
  • Processed - the activity has actually occurred.

Bill Pay

  • If you previously had Bill Pay set up under more than one account, you now have the ability to access Bill Pay and schedule payments using only one username.
  • You may continue to use multiple logins to access Bill Pay, or you may choose a primary login and manually re-add the billers from your secondary login.
  • Popmoney is located within Bill Pay, where you can send and request money to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number.

Loan Payments

  • To pay your Founders Loan visit Transactions, then Loan/Card Payments.
  • We are working to expand the Founders Pay functionality to allow payments to loans on accounts you do not own or jointly own. At this time, you can send money to that account through Founders Pay and the account owner can then make the Loan payment.

Recurring Loan Payment or Transfer

  • Review your recurring Loan payments or transfers under Transactions, Online Activity, then Recurring.

Founders Pay

  • When linking accounts to make future transfers in Founders Pay, we recommend you assign the accounts a nickname by going to Settings then Rename/Hide Accounts.

Viewing eStatements

  • To view your eStatement for the first time in Founders Online, you must input a code to access the PDF document.

Mobile Deposit1

  • When depositing a check using Mobile Deposit, you can choose to deposit the money in any of the share or deposit accounts you can view in Founders Online under your username.

Card Management

  • Under the Card Management menu option you are able to temporarily block and unblock your Founders Credit or Debit Cards, or report your card as lost or stolen.

CURewards® Points

  • If your Founders Credit Card earns CURewards® points, you can view your balance and redeem your points from the initial landing page of Founders Online.


If you have questions regarding Founders Online, visit an office or call 1-800-845-1614.


1 Not all account types are eligible for this service. Only members in good standing that have the option to deposit a check within Founders Mobile App are eligible..