How can I enroll in Debit Boost?1
You can enroll and unenroll in Debit Boost through Founders Online.

How quickly does my enrollment or unenrollment to Debit Boost take effect?
Please allow 24 hours after you enroll/unenroll for changes to reflect on your account.

I need to make a return on a purchase I made using my Debit Card. Will that change my Debit Boost points?
If the return is made before month-end, it will reduce your spend amount. This will reduce the total amount that can be converted to points on the final day of the month.
If the return is made the following month, it will come out of your total spend for that following month.

Sometimes I use my PIN with my Debit Card, and sometimes it runs as a “credit." Do I need to pick something special to make sure I benefit from Debit Boost?
No, simply use your debit card to make your purchase and you will earn Debit Boost points, no matter how the purchase is made.

Will automated debits/ACH transactions, checks and ATM withdrawals be included in Debit Boost?
Only automated debit transactions are included in Debit Boost. ACH transactions, checks and ATM withdrawals do not qualify for Debit Boost.

I previously enrolled in Debit Boost, but when I log back in, it appears I am no longer enrolled. Why is this?
There are several reasons we may unenroll a member from this program. You can visit your local office or call us at 1-800-845-1614 to help you understand the specific “why” behind your unenrollment, given your account relationship with us. This program, and the high yielding Loyalty Select2 account, are intended to reward members in good standing with Founders. A complete list of terms and conditions can be found in Founders Online under Loyalty Accounts – Debit Boost.

If I spend $2,495.60 this month on my debit card. How many points will I earn?
You will earn 24 Debit Boost points. Every $100.00 spent equals 1 point. Your total spending will be rounded down to the last multiple of $100.00 at the end of each month.

1 Only eligible consumer Checking Accounts that have the option to receive a Debit Card qualify for the Debit Boost program and all account types may not be eligible. ATM transactions, Debit Card credits, checks, ACH, disputed transactions and other non-Debit Card transactions may not qualify. Monthly spend-to-points conversions are limited to a maximum of 100 per month. The Credit union reserves the right to cancel or modify the Debit Boost program at any time. or more information visit For a complete list of terms, conditions and qualifications, please call 1-800-845-1614 or go to
2 Annual Percentage Yield of 4.07% is accurate as of August 1, 2021. The APY may change after the account is opened. No minimum balance is required to open the account or earn the advertised APY. Fees may reduce earnings. Deposits can only be made by FFCU through qualifying or enrolling in a Loyalty Account Program, and members may receive a 1099-MISC for qualifying Loyalty Select deposits. Click here for full terms and conditions.