Current Closings

All Founders office lobbies are closed, offering drive-thru service only.

USC Russell House Office - Columbia, SC
Due to the recent school closings, our USC Russell House Office is currently closed.


Expanded hours and expanded drive-thru service

Regular Business Hours:
Monday through Thursday • 8am to 5pm
Friday • 8am to 6pm

Our drive-thrus are all open regular business hours and are equipped to serve you from the convenience of your vehicle.

Financial Services Representatives and Loan Officers will be available by phone during regular business hours to assist with more complex transactions and services. Click here for a complete list of our Financial Services Representatives.

Extended Hours:
Monday through Friday • 7am to 7pm

Our Contact Center, Card Services and eCommerce teams will be available and staffed extended hours Monday through Friday.

To assist you and continue to serve our members, the drive-thrus at the following locations will be open from 7am to 7pm:

Chester County
Chester Office
Dee Alley • 803-377-6013
Ben Baker • 803-377-6009
Sabine Honeycutt • 803-377-6008
Tara Raines • 803-377-6016
Bertha Sims • 803-377-6007
Branch Manager, Kelvin Moyd • 803-377-6050

Chesterfield County
Cheraw Office
Amanda Gantt • 843-622-2542
Denise Wagner • 843-622-2538
Pageland Office
Verenice Martinez • 843-622-2508
Michelle Porter • 843-622-2503
Crystal Sellers • 843-622-2504
Branch Manager, Larry Melton • 843-622-2540

Lancaster County
Indian Land Office
Russell Dippel • 803-578-4243
Ryan Garris • 803-289-5706
Jon May • 803-578-4266
Jonathan Thompson • 803-578-4204
Branch Manager, Lorrie Ayers • 803-326-1747
Nine West Office
Amanda Blackmon • 803-289-5029
Kandice Cox • 803-289-5722
Gina Burn • 803-289-5790
Branch Manager, Derrick Smith • 803-289-5715
North Main Office
Shelby Bowling • 803-289-5016
Chris Coats • 803-289-5839
Jay Cooper • 803-289-5122
Octavius Harrington • 803-289-5257
Hayley Hudson • 803-289-5328
Kina Marshall • 803-289-5913
Devin Williams • 803-289-5712
Branch Manager, Crystal Christopher • 803-289-5918

Laurens County
Clinton Office
Michelle Aldridge • 864-938-2406
Jennifer Shinta • 864-938-2430
Branch Manager, Nicole Chittam • 864-938-2424

Spartanburg County
John B. White Senior Boulevard Office
Christy Brock • 864-342-4443
Genelle Landrum • 864-342-4484
Austin McCraw • 864-342-4437
Nathan Pennoyer • 864-342-4435
Nicole Brown • 864-342-4453
Branch Manager, Randy Evans • 864-342-4438
North Grove Office
Alicia Johnson • 864-342-4419
January Jones • 864-342-4410
Tyjae Smith • 864-342-4404
Nikki Sequinot • 864-342-4418
Branch Manager, Melissa Brown • 864-342-4428

York County
Anderson Road Office
Paige Adimaro • 803-326-1712
Justin Cooper • 803-326-1706
Trudy Hunter • 803-326-1737
Georgia Young Moore • 803-326-1703
Branch Manager, Hope Powers • 803-326-1740
Ebenezer Road Office
Shaunte` Banks • 803-326-1755
Cari Ludwig • 803-326-1758
Lantz Turner • 803-326-1732
Ashley Williams • 803-578-4206
Branch Manager, Joe McIsaac • 803-326-1742
Galleria Office
Trent Hogue • 803-326-1725
Nicole Odell • 803-578-4267
Rebekah Reynolds • 803-326-1730
Branch Manager, Leslie Blackwood • 803-578-4248
Gold Hill Road Office
Tonya Broome • 803-578-4232
Brittany Skidmore • 803-578-4251
Branch Manager, Jennifer McCallum • 803-578-4268



For the well-being of our employees and all of our members

Even with expanded drive-thru hours in place, we still encourage you to utilize Founders Online and the Founders App for 24/7 access to your accounts or call 1-800-845-1614 for assistance weekdays 7am through 7pm. Many transactions, loan payments and loan applications can be completed through our digital channels. Please click here for detailed information on Founders Online functionality.

What we are doing to combat COVID-19

Founders is taking extensive measures to ensure our offices and facilities are thoroughly cleaned. Our representatives are available to offer you drive-thru service with extended hours (in some locations). However, we urge you to utilize our digital channels. If you aren't sure if your services can be completed online or by phone, please call 1-800-845-1614 and a representative will assist you.


Relax ... rethink before you respond.

Now more than ever, it is important for you to be diligent in fighting fraud and fraudulent activity on your account. Criminals and account hackers will take advantage of the COVID-19 impact to attempt to access your personal information and obtain access to your accounts.

Founders would never ask you to share any private information.

Not your username.
Not your CVV.
Not your PIN.
Not a secure access code.

Pay attention to any communication you receive. If you find typos or grammatical errors, this should alert you to check the source. Or, if the communication asks you to send a code from a Samsung phone and you have an Apple phone, this is another sign for you to not respond and call Founders directly.

Our commitment to our members

First and foremost, we are here to serve you. We are your credit union and stand committed to doing our best to help you. We encourage you to use our digital channels or Contact Center to conduct your financial business. We will keep you updated through this page and our social media channels of any changes or disruptions in our service during this uncertain time.

We're here to help

If you are experiencing hardships during this time, please contact us. We are your credit union and we are committed to helping you through any hardships you may be experiencing. Our Financial Services Representatives, Mortgage Loan Originators and Branch Managers are available no matter what your questions may be.

Additionally, we are waiving our $25 Skip A Pay Fee for any eligible Skip A Pay request submitted through April 30, 2020. Click here for more information on how you can apply to skip your qualified April or May loan payment.

Your money is safe

Even in uncertain times, your money with Founders is safe. All funds up to $250,000 are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Click here for additional Share Insurance Coverage information.

Small Business Assistance

Founders is not currently a partner with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and we are not eligible to offer loans through the disaster assistance program as part of the CARES Act. Click here for application information and a list of approved lenders on the US Small Business Administration website.

Founders will continue to work with all members individually regarding any and all financial hardships you are facing at this time. For assistance please contact a Founders Financial Services Representative, Mortgage Loan Originator or Branch Manager for any questions regarding loans.