Daniel The Spaniel©

Relax. Teach them early.

The Daniel the Spaniel Club© teaches kids the value of money, helping them build their own Savings Account through special promotions and activities.

All kids from birth through age eleven who qualify for membership are eligible to join the Daniel the Spaniel Club.©

To join, open a Founders Savings Account for your child and maintain a balance of $25 or more. You will need their Social Security number.1 A Special Services Representative from any Founders office will be happy to help you sign up.

Financial Education

Want to learn more about Financial Education? Check out all the tools, games and resources available for kids through Money Management International, our free Financial Education service! Available 24/7 and in 30 languages, call 866-664-1734 or click below to see what Money Management International has to offer even our youngest members!

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1 U.S. citizens and resident aliens need a Social Security number. Non U.S. citizens must provide an ITIN and complete a W-8 BEN form. Credit report will be pulled on adult signer of account.