What is Card Swap?
Card Swap allows you to update the credit or debit card on file with multiple vendors (Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, Uber, etc.) all in one place instead of logging into each site individually to update your card number. This is most often used/needed when your card either expires or you’ve lost your card and had to have have a new one issued. You can also use this to swap between your Founders debit and credit cards on file with several vendors all at one time.

I would like to start using a Credit Card instead of a Debit Card with all these vendors but I don’t have one. How can I request one?
Once you are logged into Founders Online, please click the Add Accounts menu item. From there click the Credit Card option to begin your application.

Why do I have to give you my login information for these sites?
This login information is needed so the other vendor knows to trust the card data we are sending them on your behalf.

I tried to link an account but I don’t see it on your list.
We are expanding our list as we continue to work out arrangements with each vendor. Please check back another time.

I have a Clemson or USC card but the picture on my screen is just the regular Founders color. Will this Card Swap still work even though the image doesn’t match my actual card?
Yes, as long as your card number, date, CVV, name and zip code are all accurate, the Card Swap you initiate will work, despite your custom card image not displaying.

I used Card Swap to update my card info when I lost my card last weekend, but I only received an email confirmation from one of the three vendors I have set up. Why?
This is dependent on the biller and their process for sending notifications. You can always select to receive notifications from Card Swap directly to receive communication regarding each Swap.