The newest trend in debit card fraud is known as Card Popping (or Card Cracking) and fraudsters are using it to target younger members, particularly college students. Founders is here to help educate our members to better protect themselves from bad actors!

  • What is Card Popping?

    Card popping, or card cracking, takes on many forms, but the most common is college students allowing a fraudster to have their debit card number and login information in exchange for some payment, and then deposit bad checks or run up charges, and have the student claim the card was lost or stolen.

  • Who do the fraudsters target?

    • Fraudsters are largely targeting individuals around colleges or lower income areas
    • Sometimes, criminals will even "market" to their targeted audience via social media
  • How can I protect myself?

    There are a number of ways to protect yourself from criminals seeking to gain at your expense.

    1. Don't be naïve - Nobody is giving you something for nothing. If someone wants your financial information, it's probably a scam!
    2. Never share your financial information - Founders will never contact you for your financial information, nor will any other reputable financial institution.
    3. Report fraud attempts - Monitor your accounts regularly and be vigilant when using the internet. If you see something you feel is a scam, report it!