Where can I find Biller Direct?
Once logged in to Founders Online, Biller Direct can be found under Founders Pay in the left menu then "Pay a Bill with a Card."

I want to add all my bills into the Pay a Bill with a Card feature so I can manage them all in one place but some of mine are already set-up for automatic payment. If I add them, will I be double billed?
This feature is able to communicate with your billers to know if you are already enrolled in that biller’s automatic payment service. If desired, you could go to the billers’ website to discontinue the automatic payment. But, if you choose to keep the automatic payment set up, even if you add the biller via Pay a Bill with a Card, it will not make two payments.
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Do I have to have a Founders Credit Card to make my payment?
A Founders Visa Debit Card, Prepaid Card, or a Platinum, Business Platinum, Signature, or Preferred No Frills Visa Credit Card must be used for this service.

If I set-up all my bills in this feature but don’t have them automatically scheduled, how do I know when I have a new bill?
Each biller has a Settings tab where you can configure your bill notifications. Ensure that is set to On. There is also a Notification Settings section where you can configure how you want to be notified, either by mobile phone, email or both. Ensure your notifications are working so you don’t incur a past due fee from a merchant(s). If you receive payment alerts by text messages, your wireless carrier may impose a fee.
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I still don’t understand how this all works. Where can I go for more help and support?
At the bottom of the Pay a Bill with a Card page, there is a Get Help option. A field will pop up for you to type in your question. Based on what you entered, a set of possible answers will pop up for you to select. Or contact a Founders Representative at 1-800-845-1614.
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I was charged a convenience fee by one of my utility companies, but the amount was different from the warning that popped up.
A fee may be charged by some companies. You will be notified of any fee prior to authorizing a payment. If you schedule a reoccurring payment, the fee will be charged for each payment scheduled. If you are charged a fee of a different amount, please notify us so we can update our records of your provider’s fee. You can send us a secure message from Founders Online or our Contact Center can be reached at 1-800-845-1614. If you have additional questions about fees from your provider, please contact your provider.
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I am unable to locate my biller in the list. Can they be added?
If you do not see your provider listed, and it’s a nationally recognized biller, you may request to add a new biller by sending us a secure message from Founders Online or by calling us at 1-800-845-1614. We’ll be glad to add them if they participate in this program!

I see two options online to pay a bill under Founders Pay in Founders Online. One is called Pay a Bill with a Card and the other is called Pay a Bill from Checking. Which one is better?
The option to Pay a Bill with a Card provides several benefits. First, immediate gratification. If you want it paid quick, it will be paid immediately (or nearly so)! Also, if you are using your Founders Platinum or Founders Signature Credit Cards to make your payments, you may earn additional CURewards® points  you can later Cash In to your Loyalty Select! Or, if you use your debit card and are enrolled in Edge Up, this could be another way to fund your Loyalty Select. But, some billers may charge a convenience fee to pay with a card or may not accept card payments at all. If that’s the case, Pay a Bill from Checking might be the better option for that biller.

Why did my bill amount change?
Payments amounts on autopay may vary. Advanced notices of payment amount changes are not provided through this service. Please periodically review your account and check your scheduled alerts for payment amounts. Founders Federal Credit Union is not responsible for payments which are declined by the creditor, or not completed as a result of a declined card.

Can I just receive updates on my bills and not set up payments to be made?
Of course! Bills will not be paid unless you set them up to be! If you add your providers, but never schedule a payment, you will only receive updates on your bills. Be sure you have bill notifications turned on so you receive email and/or SMS updates for your bills. If you receive payment alerts by text messages, your wireless carrier may impose a fee.

Why wasn’t my bill paid?
If your bill wasn’t paid, check to make sure you do not have a message on the bill stating that your attention is required. The “attention required” message could be in place because of a declined payment, a problem with your login credentials or a problem accessing your bill to make a payment. If you have further questions about why attention was required, please contact your provider. Founders Federal Credit Union is not responsible for payments which are declined by the creditor, or not completed as a result of a declined card.

What if I scheduled a payment, but need to change the payment date?
If you schedule a payment, you can cancel and reschedule the payment up until your bill is being processed. Once in process, you cannot cancel the payment.

Can I pay my bill after the due date?
Of course, it’s important that your bills are paid on time. If you choose to have autopay on, it might be best to have your payments made before the due date, based on your payment settings. If autopay is off and you prefer to schedule payments, you may also want to schedule your payment before the due date. If you forget to schedule a payment and your bill becomes past due you may make a one-time payment only. Do keep in mind that some companies will only allow a minimum payment to be paid through Biller Direct. Once you are no longer past due, don’t forget to make your next payment or set up autopay again! Founders Federal Credit Union is not responsible for payments that are declined by the creditor, or not completed as a result of a declined card.

How do I fix a provider that says, “attention required” on my account?
If you select, “fix now” we will direct you to your provider to login and complete the required steps to fix the account. Once you go to your provider directly to make changes, you can select, “I fixed it” and we will attempt to authenticate with your provider, update your bill details and/or pay the bill. If you receive the “attention required” details and go directly to your provider without selecting “fix now,” you can select “I fixed it” after you make the changes with your provider.

A Founders Visa Branded Card must be used for this service, and you may incur a fee for single or reoccurring payments, which will be disclosed. If you enroll to receive payment text alerts, your wireless carrier may charge a fee. Some providers may allow minimum payments only, or may not allow full payment if past due. If you enroll in automatic payments, each payment may vary, and advanced notice of amounts due are not provided. Founders Federal Credit Union is not responsible for declined, denied or failed payments. Log in to Founders Online to confirm paid, scheduled, due or past due payments, payment amounts, and complete details.