Loyalty Dividend



When we say we value our members, we don’t just say it. 
We put our money where our mouth is.

Founders Loyalty Dividend is a special dividend that rewards and thanks
members for their loyalty to Founders. Loyalty Dividends will be
deposited on December 1, 2014 directly into members' primary Savings Account. 

Calculate your 2014 Loyalty Dividend below by simply inputting the information
from your Founders account statements and Founders Credit Card
statements and answering a few simple questions. 
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The more Founders products and services you use, the more you will build 
your Loyalty Dividend. By moving your savings, checking, loans and other 
accounts to Founders, you will receive specialized and friendly service, 
and increase your Loyalty Dividend payout. Plus, if you've been an active
Founders member for 20+ years, you will earn an additional $20 to your payout

Not a Founders Member? Input your dividends earned and
interest paid at other financial institutions to estimate what your
Loyalty Dividend would have been if you were a member of Founders. 
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Total Finance
Charge Paid
Check the boxes that apply:
I have an active Founders Checking Account and Direct Deposit.
I have been a member of Founders for 20+ years.

Results are an estimate, assuming the calculator is properly used and the account information is correctly entered.



Loyalty Dividend based on various factors including dividends earned, finance charges paid and product usage. Loyalty Dividends will be distributed to members in good standing and will not be distributed to accounts which have caused Founders a loss or have been modified through troubled debt restructuring. A member in good standing must have an open account, at least $5 in a Founders Savings Account and have no charge-offs or delinquency. Loyalty Dividend will be credited on December 1, 2014.